Meet Our Team: Jamie Orlando, President

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Volunteers

Meet Jamie Orlando

Jamie is the current President of AMA Pittsburgh. As an AMA member for three years, Jamie is responsible for energizing and engaging our AMAzing team of board members.  His job is to support the board of directors and ensure that the AMA experience is fun and rewarding.  In order to have success as an organization, you must work hard and have fun.  Both are vital ingredients to accomplishing goals.  

In addition to his involvement with AMA Pittsburgh, Jamie is also the Director of Sales & Marketing at Butler Technologies and also a member of the company’s executive leadership team.  Butler Technologies is a design and development manufacturer of wearable technology and smart garments. In his role, he’s responsible for generating business leads and developing new business partnerships.  

“Being a valued member of the leadership team has been an amazing opportunity. We are valued and trusted to set the course for the company. The ability to have a direct impact on an innovative, disruptive, company is an incredible experience”.  

Jamie joined the AMA because he saw the value in meeting like-minded individuals that he could learn from. He especially enjoys networking where he can look at each person he meets as an opportunity to learn from someone new. Professionally, the biggest thing that the AMA has brought to Jamie is Growth. Being on the AMA Board of Directors has given him the opportunity to learn and challenge himself outside of his current job. 

“I get to work with an amazing team and build lasting relationships”.  

Three words to describe Jamie are: 

  1. Warm 
  1. Coach 
  1. Entrepreneur  

When asked what the best advice he ever received was, he stated that in business you can never over-communicate.  Let people know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. When teams understand the why, it creates understanding and buy-in.   

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About the Author:

Jaclyn King is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Butler Technologies. Butler Technologies is a printed electronics solution provider that develops User Interface and Printed Electronics.



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