July Volunteer Spotlight: Jud Stewart

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Volunteers

Our Volunteer Spotlight is a monthly feature where we highlight one of the many volunteers who make the AMA a vibrant organization. These volunteers give their time and energy to improve the Pittsburgh marketing community, and we thank them for their hard work and dedication. There are volunteers working in many different AMA committees and quite simply, the AMA couldn’t operate without them.

This month, we’re featuring Jud Stewart.


  1. What’s your position/committee with the AMA?

Member of the Programming committee


  1. When did you join your committee?

I joined the committee about a year ago


  1. What do you enjoy about AMA Pittsburgh?

I’ve been in marketing all my career, and have been very involved in industry related associations (Telecommunications Industry). So being able to meet with marketers from other walks of life and businesses has been refreshing. So much is changing in how we market products and service – it’s a dynamic time in marketing’s history – and interacting with the great group of professionals here at Pittsburgh AMA, as we all try to keep up with the changing consumer, has been a godsend.


  1. Current Full Time Position/Company

I work for the Armstrong Group of Companies, in Butler. For over 37 years I was the VP of Marketing and Programming of our Broadband and Cable division. About a year and a half ago I transitioned to a broader role, working with the all the entities in our company, offering marketing assistance and direction as well as looking at long term strategic initiatives.

We own and operate Guardian Protection Services, we have a national real estate division, Armstrong Developers, and we also have an electronics manufacturing company, 4Front Solutions. And, four Ponderosa restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. Getting up to speed on these diverse businesses has been a challenge in itself. I guess I am the old dog learning new tricks.


  1. Recent Accomplishment

Our programming committee has been very active this year, and we’ve put together some great events. Our post Super Bowl Ad event was a big success and the Big Brands in Your Backyard series was so very interesting and informative.


  1. What do you find most interesting about marketing?

As to what’s most interesting about marketing for me right now, it’s how we combine all the data that is being generated with the creative process. While it’s been fantastic to have all this new insight into the consumer and their preferences, we can’t lose sight off the fact that we still have to engage them and get their attention. So how we use the data to best achieve those interactions will be a balancing act. Creative still matters. A lot. It’s a pretty cool time, really.

I have a quote on my door right now that says “We are surrounded by data, but starved for wisdom.” I think in this day and age, it’s important to keep a balance in your marketing approach.


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