January Volunteer Spotlight: Dan Prokop

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Volunteers

At AMA Pittsburgh, we can’t operate without the amazing volunteers who donate their time and effort to our organization. January’s volunteer spotlight is shining on Dan Prokop. We thank him for all that he does to make the AMA such a wonderful organization for the marketing community.

What’s your position/committee with the AMA?

I’m the VP of Communications.  Our committee is responsible for AMA Pittsburgh’s various channels to communicate with our members and local marketers, including the website, email, and social media.

When did you join the board or your committee?

I joined the committee in October 2014 and have spent time as the Graphic Design Manager and Communications Director before joining the board as VP of Communications in August 2016.

What do you enjoy about AMA Pittsburgh?

The community of marketers that AMA offers is such a valuable resource.  I really enjoy getting together with other local marketers to share ideas and resources with each other.  Those “light bulb” moments when we realize we’ve gone through (or are going through) the same challenges are so enlightening, and you can gain fresh perspectives to solve those challenges.  It’s great to see members helping each other advance their careers.

Current full time position

Marketing Manager at MECCO

What do you do?

I’m responsible for building the marketing department and providing customer insights and campaign analysis to guide our strategy and help the company achieve its growth goals.

What does your job entail? 

MECCO is a manufacturer of industrial laser marking systems that are used by manufacturers to engrave barcodes, logos, etc. onto a wide variety of products, but largely metal and plastic components.  So many items need to be marked or tracked for various reasons in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical, and oil & gas industries.  Besides getting to play with lasers every now and then, I manage everything from content marketing to website development to CRM/marketing automation.

What do you find most interesting about marketing?

Marketing’s growing influence over the entire customer experience is most interesting to me.  This is easy to see at a smaller company, where marketing owns the CRM and is therefore frequently helping sales and service with efficiency or customer communication improvements.  I love figuring how out we can use technology to solve not only marketing challenges, but to improve the overall customer experience.  To me, it’s about the shift towards understanding what’s valuable for our audiences and creating value through our content and processes.  How we do that is constantly evolving, so it keeps things interesting and makes it fun to always be learning.





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