December Volunteer Spotlight: Bruce Downing

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Volunteers

At AMA Pittsburgh, we can’t operate without the amazing volunteers who donate their time and effort to our organization. December’s volunteer spotlight is shining on Bruce Downing. We thank him for all that he does to make the AMA such a wonderful organization for the marketing community.

What’s your position/committee with the AMA?

For AMA, I have the cool but nebulous title of VP of Corporate Engagement. What’s that mean? I’m the lead for AMA’s annual Marketer of the Year results-based marketing competition – a holiday celebration of epic proportion, held at LeMont overlooking beautiful Pittsburgh just before the holidays. I also have responsibility to establish a CMO panel for AMA.
[Editor’s note: The AMA Marketer of the Year Awards event will be held on December 6. Read more about and register for the AMA Marketer of the Year Awards here.]


When did you join the board or your committee?

I’ve been on the AMA Board in many positions for nearly 12 years.


What do you enjoy about AMA Pittsburgh?

It is interesting to be part of a group that is evenly mixed with agency/service-provider side and client-side marketing people. It pushes me to stay current with the just-about daily changes in best-practice marketing.


Current full time position

As VP/GM Pittsburgh offices of Odato Marketing Group, I’m a customer pipeline filler and lead nurturer for B2B, B2C and nonprofit.


What does your job entail? 

Odato Marketing Group, OMG, helps clients integrate channel marketing and inbound and outbound marketing to Outsmart, not Outspend. We generate and nurture customer pipelines. Increase conversions. Build loyalty. Stimulate word of mouth. Create customer advocates. We grow businesses that in turn builds strong brands.


What do you find most interesting about marketing?

For the same reason that I love the nerdy stats behind fantasy football, I’m fascinated by the ever-growing ways we can leverage data to hyper target. I like that there are so many ways to “get to the cheese” and really enjoy integrating initiatives that get results.





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