Why Video is the Future of Marketing

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Why Video is the Future of Marketing

Put yourself into this scenario: You’re given the ultimatum to watch a 10-minute video or to read a 10-minute article. Which would you choose?

I’m sure the majority of you would choose the 10-minute video. But have you ever thought about the reasoning why?

Reading is boring

Our brains are designed to retain visual content, and video content sparks our emotions.

Let’s be honest. Reading is boring.

Yes, you read that right. Many people today admit that when it comes to reading, they tend to get bored or distracted easily. There’s no music, photos, faces, or personalization. Ultimately, it’s up to the reader how they interpret the content. That’s why multiple people can read the same story and have completely different visualizations in their head.

However, when it comes to video, everyone is experiencing the same exact thing: the same music, the same faces, the same products, etc. There is no room for false interpretation, and it helps to more effectively engage your viewers.

Video in Marketing

Has anyone noticed the large increase of video content throughout recent years? Have you ever stopped to question why?

Take 5 minutes to scroll through Facebook. I assume the majority of the content on your feed was video.

Video is the future of marketing for several reasons, but primarily because it boosts user engagement. Video makes for great storytelling, and you can convey your message much quicker, and more efficiently.

The main goal of marketing is to create product/service awareness. Once awareness has been raised, people begin to show an interest in your product, and it ultimately drives them to make a purchase. That’s why marketers are quickly transitioning from written content to video.

Video is great for storytelling and helps to truly convey the message you’re trying to get across. It helps to create a more personal relationship with your customers and helps to create more human interactions. People love feeling connected to a brand, and the more connected they feel, the more loyal they become.   

Video also helps people to truly see your brand. Take for instance company culture. It’s hard to convey company culture in a written format. Company culture is a visual thing, and it helps to create video that conveys it. The same can be said about your brand as a whole. 

Let’s talk statistics

Because numbers speak louder than words, check out these statistics.

Does this make traditional marketing a thing of the past?

It’s important to note that traditional marketing will never be a thing of the past. Written content is still essential to your company and its success. It’s the largest way for companies to get SEO and SEO helps to increase your ranking on search engines. It’s obvious that consumers still rely heavily on written content and other aspects of traditional marketing. But it’s also important to keep up with trends, and as video marketing takes off, your video marketing should as well.

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