The Power of Social Media in Marketing

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The Power of Social Media in Marketing

Social media channels are oftentimes downplayed when it comes to their contribution to marketing within an organization.  Social media is vital for many reasons which will be discussed in this blog. Communication is a key component of any good marketing strategy and by utilizing social media, you can increase your communication drastically, both internally and externally. Find out how social media can benefit your marketing efforts below!

The Benefits of Social Media:

1. Brand Awareness:

If social media is used correctly, it will drastically increase your overall brand awareness and brand image. Without social media, word of mouth, as well as media advertising are the two main ways that customers and potential customers will be able to discover your brand. However, social media opens an entirely new way to reach your demographic.

You can establish your brand through the content you post, your profile image, header image, About Us section, and so much more. It provides you the opportunity for people to see your company through your own light, branded the way you want them to perceive you and your organization.  It may even draw in new customers who were never previously aware of your company or what you had to offer.

2. Customer Engagement:

Being able to interact and engage with your customers is vital to a successful marketing strategy. Social media provides companies the opportunity to engage with their audience like never before. Customers can comment and provide feedback on your company’s posts, and you’re able to respond directly from the company’s account. They can provide insightful feedback into what they feel works or does not work, and your company can react accordingly. This provides organizations an open forum to talk freely with their customers, which can’t be done as freely in other communication platforms such as via email or blog articles.

3. Builds Industry Expertise:

Establishing your company as a thought leader is a difficult task to do, but social media makes it entirely possible. Rather than promoting your company solely through external media outlets, blog articles, or emails, you can promote your company through your social channels. The more relevant information you post with regards to your industry, the more people may look to your organization as an industry expert. They will be able to see all the new trends and information your company keeps up to date with and shares, and they will begin to have a subconscious correlation that your company is a thought leader within the industry. This could even potentially lead to a conversion, or sale if the right person comes across your profile.

4. Site Conversions:

The larger your following on your social channels, the more widespread and well-known your company will become. As discussed previously, if you post relevant information on a frequent basis, people will begin to view you as an industry expert. Your social channel could be the difference between you or your potential competitor getting a sale. If people view you as a thought leader, they may decide to view your company’s website for more information on what you have to offer. This could potentially lead to a form submission where they inquire about your business or they may even place an order for your product or services.

5. Content Distribution:

Finding beneficial ways the distribute your organization’s content is a difficult task for many marketing professionals today. Of course, external media outlets such as newspapers or guest posts are extremely beneficial ways to distribute your content. However, social media allows you the ability to distribute your content directly from your organization to the following that you have worked to build. If people are interested in your industry and what you have to offer, they will follow your account to receive updates on new trends within the industry and your thoughts on the matter. You can distribute your blog content or company updates on your social channel, and it provides customers and followers the chance to interact with your company on a more personal level.

6. Site Traffic Increase:

Lastly, social media may even drive up your company’s website traffic. Site traffic is extremely difficult to increase and the right tactics have must be used in order to draw in the right site traffic. However, if people are interested in what you post on your social media channels, they will likely visit your website for more information on your products or services. Although social media efforts alone won’t cause your site traffic to skyrocket, it will still be a contributing factor to increasing your site’s traffic overall. 

Social media is so powerful in today’s day and age. It’s a great tactic to use as marketing professionals, not only to increase your overall traffic and conversion rate but to establish your organization as industry experts. It can help to increase your brand awareness and provides customers and followers the opportunity to interact with your company on a more personal level.

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