Meet Our Team: Carlos Tribino, VP of Membership

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Meet Carlos Tribino!

Carlos is the Vice-President of Membership for the AMA – Pittsburgh Chapter and he serves on the Board of Directors. Although relatively new to the organization, Carlos has strong hopes for what the future holds for the team.

Outside of the AMA, Carlos works full-time for The Machine Brand Consulting where he is both the Founder and the CEO. The Machine provides four main types of services: (1) brand strategy, positioning, narrative, storytelling; (2) brand and logo design; (3) brand experience throughout the entire customer journey; and (4) brand architecture.

Within the AMA, Carlos is primarily responsible for recruiting new members and retaining current members. He provides a very welcoming atmosphere for new members and helps to get feedback from everyone to ensure they’re having a positive experience within the organization.

Initially, Carlos joined the AMA because he saw a value in what it delivers to its members in terms of learning, interacting with people, networking, staying on top of new trends, and so on. “It’s a great community of marketing professionals to help marketing professionals”.

Three words to describe Carlos:

  1. Innovative
  2. Analytical
  3. Creative

The best advice Carlos ever received:

In my first startup back in the late 90’s, my lead investor told me once, “I can’t imagine anything I would do that you’re not already doing, but it ain’t happening.” He and I believed in what we were doing, but I largely appreciated the honesty and sense of urgency and continued to throw everything and the kitchen sink at it, and sure enough within a couple of months things turned around.

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