How Email Automation Can Save You Time While Improving Your Sales

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How Email Automation Can Save You Time While Improving Your Sales

What is Email Automation?

In marketing, email automation helps to make personalized email campaigns for individuals as they take a specific action on your company’s site. Some examples would be when someone initially signs up for your company’s email alerts or an email follow-up after an order has been placed.

Let’s use the scenario of an order being placed. After you place an order, an email is almost always instantly sent to you saying, “Thank You for Your Order”, along with an Order Number. Once the order has shipped, another automated email is instantly sent saying, “Your Order is On Its Way” along with a Tracking Number. Whether you realize it or not, this is all done through email automation. The individual, or company, you are purchasing from only had to create the email campaign once, however, the automation continues whether you are the first person to make a purchase, or the 15,000th. Once the appropriate sequence of emails has been created and established, the emails will continue to send automatically dependent on what action the individual took.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

Saves Time/Money

As mentioned previously, email automation helps to save a large amount of time. With an email automation system, basic information can be entered for each individual client and automated emails will be sent from the information that was input. This ultimately saves a large amount of time, as the work only needs to be done once, rather than continually. The amount of time saved also saves your company money, as you do not need to hire an individual to send out these personalized emails daily. Email automation can even address emails personally to each of the email subscriber’s names, providing the perfect personal touch to your email campaigns.

Same Experience Offered to Every Email Subscriber

Email automation also offers the same experience to every user who interacts with or joins your company’s email list. For example, maybe you are a restaurant, and you are attempting to get people to sign up for your email alerts. For Upon sign up,  each customer will receive an automated welcome email and a coupon code for a free appetizer or dessert. This same experience is offered to everyone who takes the time to sign up for your company’s email updates.

Personalized Emails

While we are still using the restaurant example, email automation can also send out a coupon code on birthdays and other special occasions. However, each of these will be specified to each of the email subscribers. This is extremely beneficial for companies because the work only needs to be done once and the automation will continue once the basic information of the email subscriber has been gathered. It helps to build a valuable connection with the email subscriber and makes them feel important to your company.

Information for your Sales Team When Tied to a CRM

Many email automation platforms have integrations with commonly used Customer Relationship Management Systems so that data can be collected on the user and their interests. Many give your sales team a deep dive into information like what products the user clicked on or what emails they opened. This allows your sales team to be armed with information about each user and speak to them based upon the purchasing behavior they have shown.

Types of Email Automation

When it comes to different types of email automation messages, the opportunities are endless. Here are a few basic email automations many companies today send out.

Welcome/Thank You for Subscribing

Once a person has signed up for your company’s newsletter, you can set up an automated email to be sent out to these individuals. The automated email would welcome them to your email list and thank them for taking the time to subscribe. It may even include a coupon code or special offer for subscribing, as mentioned previously.


Automated emails can also be sent out to people who entered their birthday or anniversary information in when signing up. It could be as simple as wishing them a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary, or it could even include a special gift/coupon code that can be used with your company to celebrate it. This helps to develop a relationship with your customers, as they feel important and recognized by your company on special days to them.

 Reminder

If you are an online retailer, then an automated email may be used to remind people of items that they left in their shopping cart. This can be set on a time schedule, such as 24-48 hours after they abandoned their cart. This automated email could be the difference between them making a purchase or forgetting entirely about their shopping experience on your company’s website. Email automations can also be scheduled to be sent at various time periods when the customer is likely to need to reorder or for partnered products based upon their previous buying history.


Many companies send out external newsletters to keep their customers up to date on what is new and exciting. Automated emails can help to personalize these newsletters, such as by addressing each of them to the email subscriber it is being sent out to.


If your company is putting on an event or webinar in the near future, email automation can also be extremely beneficial. As mentioned previously, the emails can be personally addressed to each of the email subscribers. However, emails can also be resent to those who did not open the email the first time around. This can also be done on a time schedule and sent anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days after the initial email was sent out. This will help to increase the email’s open rate, as well as the number of individuals who may attend the event.

Email automation is extremely beneficial to companies today and is more prevalent now than ever before. Email automation can help to send personalized campaigns and emails to individuals, and ultimately helps to build a better connection between customers and your brand. Email automation is the easiest, and most impactful way to continually grow your business, so what are you waiting for?

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