Marketing Certifications – Professional Benefits & Which are Most Worthwhile

Marketing Certifications – Professional Benefits & Which are Most Worthwhile

Marketing Certifications – Professional Benefits & Which are Most Worthwhile

With more time at home during uncertain times, you may find yourself looking for ways to grow your skillset in an effort to advance your career or your own business. However, with so many different certifications and courses available online, it can be overwhelming deciding where to start and assessing which certifications will best serve your professional goals.

The good news is – AMA Pittsburgh has your back! We’re here to help share what we feel to be the most worthwhile, whether you’re looking to boost your own credibility, grow your company, or simply brush up on your marketing skillset.

Why It’s Important to Continue Your Education

In an industry such as marketing, things are constantly changing, especially as traditional marketing has pivoted to digital. That means that the things you were once taught and may have become accustomed to may no longer be the norm. It also means that you may need education on some marketing skills that you may never have learned.

Not only will continuing your education help you to develop new skillsets and improve your credibility, but it will also help fine-tune the skills you’re already familiar with and practice today.

Ultimately, certifications can help build your resume and even provide positive business impact for the company or organization you manage or support.

What Marketing Certifications Are Most Worthwhile?

There are a plethora of marketing certifications you can pursue in your free time, but we’ve curated a list of AMA Pittsburgh’s favorites which we feel are most worthwhile.

1. AMA- Professional Certified Marketer

The American Marketing Association offers a two-course track toward becoming a Professional Certified Marketer, or PCM. They offer courses in Digital Marketing, PCM Marketing Management, PCM Content Marketing, and PCM Sales Management. Through the AMA’s PCM certification, you’ll not only gain the knowledge you need in order to advance within your career, but you’ll be able to prove that you’re fully equipped to take on the evolving challenges within the marketing industry.

2. HubSpot Courses and Certifications (Free)

HubSpot offers several different free certifications and training courses (some are more bite-sized than others) for industry professionals to pursue, with the option to focusing on inbound marketing, sales, or customer service expertise.

Some of our favorites:

3. Google Certifications (Free)

Google also offers a wide range of free courses, by their own product experts, to help expand your marketing skillset. Focus areas of Google’s free training and certifications include advertisements, analytics, marketing platforms, and so much more.

4. Coursera Trainings/Certifications

Coursera is a unique platform, as it offers trainings and certifications taught by world-class universities and companies. Coursera offers a plethora of free courses, however they also offer paid courses that starting at $39, which provide you with additional projects, quizzes, and shareable certifications once achieved.

Some of our other favorite courses they offer are:

5. Hootsuite Certifications

Hootsuite, the leading social media management platform, offers industry-recognized certifications, starting at $99, in social media marketing. You’ll gain knowledge through courses that ultimately provide you a final quiz that you must pass to receive certification

Taking the time to further your education is a great way to develop professional skills and help to more seamlessly achieve both personal and business objectives. Get started today – what are you waiting for?

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