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Showcasing the top marketing talent in Pittsburgh and Western PA culminating with the naming of the Marketer of the Year. 

May 4th, 2024 6-9pm

Opya Studios, 2402 Sidney St, Pittsburgh PA 15203

The Marquee Awards are Back and Better Than Ever!

That’s right Pittsburgh, the Marquee Awards from the American Marketing Association are back and will be better than ever. One of the historical cornerstone events of the AMA Pittsburgh, the Marquee Awards, gives members and non-members in the marketing community a chance to show their stuff and prove they are the creme de la creme of marketing in the Steel City. 

What’s Been Happening with the Marquees?

The Marquees are a well-established event for the AMA, but like most things, COVID put an end to in-person events for several years and that included the Marquee Awards. Understanding the importance and impact of this event, we took time to rebuild our membership base, our event calendar, and our board so that we could support this event once again and bring it back to Pittsburgh. With a fully staffed Board of Directors, membership numbers higher than ever before, we felt that the time was perfect to bring this event back!

Who Attends the Marquees?

The structure of the Marquees ensures that there is a mix of marketing agencies, well-established marketing professionals, and leaders, and welcomes up-and-coming professionals starting their marketing careers. In addition to those who are trying to secure the coveted title of “Pittsburgh’s Marketer of the Year”, attendees also include community leaders, AMA Chapter leadership, and members of the marketing community. 

Award Categories

In May 2024, we will announce the winners in 3 categories at our signature Marquee Award event. 

  • The Pittsburgh Up and Coming Marketers to Watch – these are recent or soon-to-be college graduates (Under 25) in the marketing field. They are the go-getters, the trend-setters, and the marketing leaders of tomorrow. We will name 5 winners in this category who will win free membership into the AMA, a personal shout-out to the entire AMA membership and on our social media sites, and personal mentorship from the AMA Board of Directors. 
  • The Pittsburgh Marketing Team or Agency of the YearA team of 2 or more marketers living in the greater Pittsburgh area. If you serve as a leader or member of one of Pittsburgh’s fantastic marketing agencies or you serve on an in-house marketing team, we want to hear how you’ve made an impact and used your highly developed marketing skills to earn success. 

And finally, the most coveted:

  • The American Marketing Association Pittsburgh Marketer of the Year – If you know that you are one of the top marketers in Pittsburgh, we want to hear from you. Share with us how you have honed your skills, created successful campaigns, and overcome your competitors with marketing prowess to become the Marketer of the Year. 

Applications will be opening in January 2024. Teams or individuals can self-nominate or be nominated by another person. Questions? Contact us

Stay up to date on the opening of applications by following us on social (add likes) or join our newsletter.


Be a sponsor of our largest event, returning May 4, 2024!

We’re offering an exclusive (no other sponsors in your category), named sponsorship to feature your brand in front of Pittsburgh’s most influential marketing and communications industry leaders.

This event is the most well-attended event that the American Marketing Association hosts. We also work together closely with other like-minded organizations in Pittsburgh’s vibrant marketing and advertising scene, meaning that sponsorship of the Marquees offers additional impact within several other organizations with a single sponsorship. 

Interested in sponsorship? Contact Chris Bevel at

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor ($2500) – The number of Platinum sponsorships available is limited to 3 companies on a first come/first serve basis and it will provide your company with the following:

    • A dedicated email to the AMA member list about your company and sponsorship
    • Logo and company write-up with website link included in all digital marketing materials
    • Write up on all AMA web pages related to the event 
    • Inclusion in our social media sites
Gold Sponsor

 Gold Sponsor ($1000) – The number of Gold sponsorships available is unlimited and will provide your company with the following:

    • Logo and company write-up with website link included in all digital marketing materials
    • Logo on all AMA web pages related to the event 
    • Inclusion in our monthly email newsletter and social media sites


Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsors or Sponsors In-Kind

Do you want to sponsor but would like a smaller amount of an in-kind donation? Speak with Chris Bevel, the AMA Vice President of Sponsorship to negotiate a sponsorship that works for you!

So, are you interested in being a part of bringing the Marquees back to Pittsburgh? Then let’s talk!

how to apply to win

Marquee Awards are presented to the most talented marketers in Pittsburgh and winners will hold their titles for one year. To be considered, applicants must provide a case study of their work through the application form below.

How Do I Apply to Be Considered for an Award?

Applications will open in early 2024 and will be accepted for 3 categories:

– Marketer of the Year (Individual)

– Marketing Team of the Year (Groups of 2+ people)

– Up and Coming Marketers to Watch (Young Professionals)

To submit an application, please complete the form below answering the questions completely and provide any additional supplemental evidence of your marketing success. These submissions will be reviewed by our impressive panel of judges in the Pittsburgh area using a scoring rubric to gauge marketing skill, success, and creative abilities. All entries must be received by 11:59pm April 19th, 2024 and winners will be announced at our Marquee Award event on May 4th, 2024. 



The following work is eligible for submission:

1. Any marketing work that was created for a marketer based in Western PA.
2. Any that was created by a marketing/advertising agency based in Western PA.

Each entry will include answers to the five judging criteria questions below.

A panel of independent Judges scores each entry according to the point system outlined below.* The entry with the highest total number of points in each category is the winner.


Judge’s Evaluation Criteria

Business Problem /Opportunity (10 points) 

What was the basic problem to be solved or situation to be addressed by the marketing  program? Highlight internal and external constraints.

Objectives (10 points) 

What objectives were established to solve the problem or address the situation? Judges  will assess points based on whether the objectives are sound, clear and measurable.

Strategy (20 points) 

What was the strategy for achieving the objectives? Judges will assess points based on  how well the strategy is defined, and how well it resolves the problem or situation being  faced by the organization. Judges will also examine the organization’s selection of target market(s) and message positioning.

Tactics (20 points) 

What individual tasks and/or promotional tools were used, e.g., web, digital and social media, traditional media- print, radio, television, outdoor or direct mail, public relations,  etc.? Judges will assess points based on how well the tactics are defined and integrated and how appropriate the tactics relate to the strategy.

Results (40 points) 

What were the results of this effort? Judges will score this section based on how effective the entry was in achieving the stated objectives and producing the results that solved the problem or addressed the situation. Because marketing is about results, this criterion will be weighted more heavily than the others. Therefore, a thorough description of the results is especially important to the overall score.

*Category winners must receive a threshold average score of 70 points or higher to win a category.  To win in a category where there are less than 4 different entries, an entry must have an equal or  higher judged score than at least two other category winners. 

**Each submission is entered in a specific category. You may mention in the notes other categories that you would like to be considered.

“I’m a big believer that the AMA is a great organization for both learning and connecting. Where else can you meet marketers with varied experience from different categories within one organization?”

– Alex Maurer, Member since 2017