Enter the Marketer of the Year Awards!

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Events

The season of the AMA Marketer of the Year Awards competition is upon us. The results-based awards are in its 10th year of recognizing the best and most effective marketers in Western Pennsylvania.

Dan Prokop, MECCO - Marketer of the Year 2015Dan Prokop, marketing manager at MECCO, last year’s Marketer of the Year award  winner, says the award meant a great deal to his company. “To receive this recognition when we’re competing with some of these great brands in the Pittsburgh area” such as Giant Eagle, Select International, The Motherhood, and TrueSense Marketing, “was an honor. It was exciting that our growing small business was seen as keeping up with these marketing powerhouses. There’s lots of potential for our company as we’re very agile and open to new technology, and that’s what we’re putting into place and testing out, and seeing great results.” To him, it was a validation of being able to have an impact on a growing company. “It was a huge honor for me personally, for my career growth, to be recognized for the results achieved for the business.”

The AMA Marketer of the Year Awards are open to any company creating marketing work in Western PA, whether created in-house or by an agency. There are 14 award categories in addition to Marketer of the Year. Enter here. The awards ceremony will be held Thursday, Dec 8 from 11:15-1:30 at LeMont Restaurant on Mount Washington.

For more information, visit the AMA Marketer of the Year page on the AMA website.



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