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Marketing Mondays: The Remote Workplace Experience: What Innovative Companies Are Doing to Create Successful Remote Teams

October 5, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am EDT


In 2020, no one was planning on COVID-19 to force thousands of companies to transition to remote work. With these abrupt changes, countless teams found themselves communicating less, employee engagement lowered and deadlines missed because of the inevitable remote work challenges. The in-person managerial and leadership skills simply do not solve the obstacles that the remote workplace experience brings. However, there are a select few innovative companies that are leading the charge by building unstoppable remote workforces that are unexpectedly more effective than in-person teams. So what are these companies doing that makes them so successful? Since 2014 and well before the time of COVID, Jeff Butler has been building remote teams across different timezone and studying what the most successful remote companies do. From his research, he put them into practice in his own companies to discover the truth from fallacy. The ideas he found are simple, and yet profound, but most importantly, when someone learns how to master the remote manager techniques, it would make them that much better of an in-person leader. Learning to master remote work is no longer optional, it’s a necessity, but fortunately, anyone can create a successful workforce, it’s just a matter of how.

Learning Points:
How transitioning from a ‘face-time’ manager to a ‘performance-driven’ manager can skyrocket your team’s performance.
Discover what signals show up when a remote employee is about to quit.
Leveraging metrics in order to create an effective and action-driven team.

About Jeff Butler:

Internationally respected speaker and consultant, Jeff Butler helps bridge generational gaps between Millennials and companies looking for their talent and patronage.
Butler is a third-generational Silicon Valley entrepreneur and has founded three companies at the age of 27. As a computer science major at U.C. Berkeley, whose program was ranked second in the country. Butler has quickly built his reputation as a memorable presenter with tangible solutions building differences in multigenerational workplaces. Within just the past three years, he has spoken at two TEDx events and multiple Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn.
Butler spent the first years of his career at some of the world’s fastest- charging startups and tech companies before launching his consulting company in 2016. He is the author of two books The Authentic Workplace and The Key to the New You.



October 5, 2020
8:00 am - 9:00 am EDT
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