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AMA Pittsburgh’s March Lunch & Learn Featuring Aaron Templer

March 6 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

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Aaron Templer critiques AI in marketing, urging a shift from hype to ethical, creative use. He champions meaningful content over AI noise.

With a diverse background in music, English literature, and an MBA, Aaron Templer is a multifaceted professional whose career intersects strategy, creativity, brand, influence, and leadership. His eclectic journey spans nearly three decades, leading to the foundation of Three Over Four, a brand strategy and digital marketing agency that has thrived for 16 years. As a dedicated educator, Aaron serves as a professional instructor for the American Marketing Association (AMA), where his contributions have earned him a lifetime membership for his fearless leadership and innovative approach to marketing during challenging times. His first book, “Leading in a Social World,” has won seven awards and challenges conventional views on social media marketing.

In his critique of the marketing industry’s engagement with AI, Aaron leverages his extensive experience and diverse expertise. He argues that marketers are too quick to jump on the AI bandwagon without considering the technology’s ethical implications or its actual value to the industry. Aaron points out the irony in the marketing world’s obsession with AI, highlighting the technology’s limitations and the ethical quandaries it poses, especially concerning biases and environmental impact. Drawing on insights from his career and scholarly discussions, such as those led by Dr. Emily Bender, Aaron underscores the need for a more thoughtful and critical approach to AI in marketing.

Aaron’s perspective is informed by his role in the AMA and his commitment to fostering change and innovation in marketing. He calls for a shift away from the superficial allure of generative AI towards a marketing practice that prioritizes ethical considerations, meaningful content, and the creative process. His critique serves as a call to action for marketers to reassess their use of AI, emphasizing the importance of ethical alternatives and the value of human creativity and strategy in building brands and engaging audiences.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Aaron’s passion for world percussion and his involvement with the Mudra Dance Studio as a live music director and composer enrich his creative and cultural insights. Known affectionately as the Gora Dhol Wallah, Aaron’s diverse interests and experiences underpin his critical view of AI in marketing, advocating for a balanced approach that integrates strategy, creativity, and ethical responsibility.


AMA Pittsburgh


Virtual; Zoom Meeting