Marketing Yourself in a Post-Pandemic World

Marketing Yourself in a Post-Pandemic World

It is no secret that the pandemic has impacted us, and our careers directly. Many people were forced into temporary, or permanent layoffs as casualties of the pandemic. Others were forced to begin working from home, which was a relatively new concept for the large majority. However, the sudden down-time may have been beneficial to you in some way. Whether you used that forced downtime to look for new jobs or freshen up on your interview skills, you were working towards the ultimate goal of making yourself more marketable as a professional. But how do you market yourself in a post-pandemic world? And how can you showcase that that forced downtime was actually beneficial to developing yourself even further as a marketing professional?

Attending Networking Events

Due to the pandemic, many networking events have turned virtual. However, as guidelines and restrictions begin to be lifted, in-person networking events may start sooner than you think. Networking events are one of the best ways to market yourself and your skillset. You are able to meet other marketing professionals and discuss their current roles, as well as yours. They also help you to meet other industry professionals you may have never met otherwise.

These networking events lead to lifelong connections and relationships and could even help you to find a new job if you’re currently seeking one. They could also help you to keep up with what’s new and relevant within the industry so that you can keep up with the everchanging world of marketing.

Trainings/Certifications Received During Pandemic

During the forced downtime the pandemic brought on, many professionals took that time to better develop their skillset. This could have involved learning new skills such as Photoshop, or HTML coding. However, it also could have involved receiving new trainings or certifications. Many people quickly began pursuing marketing certifications, such as those offered by the AMA itself, HubSpot, or even Google. But what did these courses/certifications teach you? Did you develop a new skillset, or maybe even a new and fresh perspective on marketing tactics? If so, this could ultimately help you to market yourself even further, especially when it comes to resume development.

Skills Developed While Working from Home

Maybe throughout the pandemic you continued to work. However, many people were quickly transitioned into a working from home environment, something they had never previously done. What once seemed impossible for many industry professionals is now considered the new norm. Many people prefer working from home as opposed to the traditional office setting we were accustomed to pre-pandemic.

However, working from home taught us, as marketing professionals, many new and valuable skills. Working from home required us to adapt quickly to having little to no oversight on most days. Although many teams remained in contact via social platforms such as Microsoft Teams, this was still a huge adjustment to make. Many marketing professionals are used to working in a team setting or being able to turn to other team members for advice, opinions, or questions. However, they quickly were forced into working from home with little insight or guidance. This ultimately made us even stronger as marketing professionals because we learned how to work with little to no oversight.

Working from home also taught us resiliency, as we were forced to quickly adapt to the new norm of working from home. Although it seemed like a rather harsh adjustment at first, many of us quickly adapted. We realized that we did not need to be in the office to successfully carry out the tasks involved with our current roles.

Working from home was not the best scenario that we as marketing professionals could have hoped for, but it ultimately helped us to develop new skills that we otherwise would have lacked. It also helped us to become more well-rounded and marketable, especially post-pandemic, as working from home may continue to be the norm in the years to come.

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Jaclyn King is a Marketing Communications Specialist at Butler Technologies. Butler Technologies is a printed electronics solution provider that develops User Interface and Printed Electronics.

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