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Dec 3, 2021 | Guest Author


Video is an important part of any marketing strategy, but what types of videos should be created to convert potential buyers into customers and when should they be used? 

Potential buyers flow through a funnel consisting of the four stages outlined in the graphic below:

While potential buyers move through your marketing funnel, they are simultaneously moving through a “funnel” of their own – called the Buyer’s Journey. There are three stages to the Buyer’s Journey that correspond with the first three stages of your marketing funnel:

  • Attract – Awareness
  • Convert – Consideration
  • Close – Decision

Stage 1: Attract

During the awareness (attract) stage, your buyer is identifying a problem that they have and researching solutions. Consider these types of videos during this stage:

  • TV Commercial – Television commercials can broadcast locally or nationally and offer dozens of demographically targeted television networks and thousands of shows. Your potential buyers will see and remember your name during the programs they enjoy most. This means that you can distribute your commercial on the biggest networks to a very select audience.
  • Online Commercial – Video and display advertising on the websites your potential buyers visit every day extends your advertising reach, increases brand awareness, and drives traffic to your website. You can target your audience based on demographic, geographic and, behavioral data and show your video alongside captive audiences watching content online and on demand.
  • How-To / Educational Videos – Share your knowledge about a specific topic with potential buyers who are seeking answers to their problems. How-To / Educational Videos are especially effective at attracting prospects through organic search on Google and YouTube.

Stage 2: Convert

During the consideration (convert) stage, your buyer is aware of their problem and is actively looking for a solution. They have shown interest in you but may not be ready to commit just yet. Your job is to show them exactly why your product or service is what they need. Consider these types of videos during this stage:

  • Explainer Videos – Explainer Videos are a wonderful way to explain to your potential buyers how your product or service works and gives them a better idea of how it can solve their problem. These videos often take complex ideas and distill them down so that they’re easier to digest.
  • FAQ Videos – FAQ Videos educate your potential buyers by answering the most asked questions about your product or service. These types of videos are a terrific way to answer any lingering questions your buyers may have before they make their final decision.
  • Brand Videos – Brand Videos showcase your company, the products, or services you offer, and your values to connect with potential buyers. They are a fantastic way to build trust with your buyers and show them the emotional and human side of your business, which they may not have been exposed to yet.

Stage 3: Close

The decision (close) stage of the Buyer’s Journey is their final stage. Consider the following videos to help your potential buyers feel more confident in their investment:

  • Case Study Videos – Case Study Videos tell your prospective buyer how you have helped others with specific facts and figures. Rather than focusing directly on your product or service, a good case study tells the story of your customer from their point of view — and how your product or service has helped to solve their problems.
  • Testimonial Videos – Video Testimonials provide the peace of mind that buyers are looking for by providing them with success stories of satisfied customers who have had experience with your company.
  • Personalized Videos – Personalized Videos can add that final push to purchase by pulling on social cues to gain insight into a buyer’s tastes, all the while incorporating your brand to create a one-of-a-kind video just for them.

Stage 4: Delight

Once you have acquired a customer, it is important to continue serving them content to retain them and foster repeat business.

  • Thank You Videos – Thank You videos are a unique way of making your customers feel appreciated! They are not expecting anything after they have purchased, so these videos tend to be a pleasant surprise and go a long way when the customer is considering your product or service again in the future.
  • UpSell Videos – Once your customer has purchased your product or service, this type of video is a wonderful way to generate additional income by highlighting complementary products or services that align with the one they have just purchased.
  • Video Updates – Video Updates keep your existing customers connected with your brand after the service has been executed and the final invoice has been paid. Posting frequent updates about new features or upcoming events via your blog, social media or email marketing is a terrific way to stay on top of your customer’s mind.

There are many ways to get your message out to your audience. Just remember, videos show – rather than tell – potential buyers about your unique selling points.

Now that you are better informed on which types of videos to use during specific stages of the Buyer’s Journey – go out there and create some engaging and inspiring content!

Brandon Roudebush Co-Founder, Executive Producer Pixelab Studios

Brandon Roudebush is the Founder of Pixelab Studios, a full-service video production company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At Pixelab Studios, our mission is to empower businesses of any size to create high-quality video marketing content that’s both effective and affordable, providing nothing but the best customer experience to every client. We provide clarity to what is often viewed as a complicated and intimidating process with streamlined workflows, clear communication, and affordable pricing – all with your brand’s growth in mind! We specialize in corporate, commercial, web, and event video production within the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

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