Marketing Mondays: Patrick Schober

Marketing Mondays: Patrick Schober

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eCommerce Sales Across Borders

7.5 billion people live outside of the United States, representing an enormous pool of potential customers. Tapping into these markets can lead to new product opportunities, new partners, and new revenue streams. Here’s the catch: English is not always the best way language for engagement. Capturing new audiences with international marketing requires not just literal translations but careful considerations of cultural context. One innocent idiom or accidental geopolitical misstep could ruin your campaign before it begins.

Patrick Schober, Creative Lead, Carper Communications

After three years at the helm of multiple finance publications in the Philadelphia region, Pat moved to Pittsburgh to transition into content marketing. Now, instead of reporting on the latest business trends and regulatory updates, Pat spends his days helping companies increase revenue through innovative blends of original content and advertising. When he’s not at his desk, you’ll find Pat reading, writing about music, or camping with his wife, Regina, and dog, Fallon.

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