Marketing Mondays: Holly Wilbanks, LinkedIn Level Up

Marketing Mondays: Holly Wilbanks, LinkedIn Level Up


Marketing Mondays: Holly Wilbanks, of The Wilbanks Consulting LinkedIn Level Up: Think you’ve got your LinkedIn brand down? Join us as award-winning career coach and talent strategist Holly Wilbanks of The Wilbanks Consulting Group uncovers the biggest wins and fails she sees (yes, even marketing) professionals make via their digital billboard.


Virtual Monthly Mingle Happy Hour with AMA Pittsburgh and AMA NJ

Virtual Monthly Mingle: Join us for networking and knowledge exchange at our Virtual Happy Hour!

This is a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your network.

Our small group format will ensure that you make connections and have the ability to actively participate in the discussion.

There will be two 30-minute roundtable sessions with a different group of people in each one. Pour your drink of choice, log on, and join the fun!

Marketing Mondays: Holly Wilbanks, LinkedIn Level Up

Marketing Mondays: Finding your Capital S Story

You shouldn’t spend a single dollar on your marketing unless you can tell whether that dollar is doing anything for you. That’s especially true now, when the world is seemingly upside down, lurching from crisis to crisis. What’s the best marketing asset you own, the one that will drive your best results, no matter what challenge you face? It’s your Capital S Story – the story that answers the question of why someone should buy from you, work for you, invest in you or partner with you. It’s the story above all other stories that your organization has to share. In this interactive session, WordWrite CEO and Chief Storyteller Paul Furiga will provide tools to help your organization uncover, develop and share its own Capital S Story. Paul will also share some great takeaways with attendees around the upcoming publication of his book, Finding Your Capital S Story: Why Your Story Drives Your Brand.

Paul Furiga

Marketing Mondays: Holly Wilbanks, LinkedIn Level Up

Marketing Mondays: 3 Focus Areas for an Effective Website

Your website is the most important place for you to communicate with your target audience. Are you doing it effectively? We will break down how we use brand, users, and data to create and maximize websites for businesses. Join us as we discuss this and more with Meesha Gerhart. 

About Our Speaker: Meesha Gerhart

Meesha Gerhart: Fervent Founder of RedTree
The owner of RedTree, Meesha and her team help companies build their businesses by building better websites. She provides expert niche services for any type of business through smart website development and design, inspiring user experiences, and lead-producing SEO. An award-winning developer and designer, Meesha gets to the heart of her client’s goals to help supersede them by generating exciting, solid results.

Marketing Mondays: Holly Wilbanks, LinkedIn Level Up

Marketing Mondays: Future of Work: The Role of the Workplace

Join us for our next Marketing Mondays when we will sit down with Zach Ciccone, Head of Growth for The Beauty Shoppe to discuss “Future of Work: The Role of the Workplace.” With COVID-19 forcing more people into a ‘work from home’ model, how will co-working spaces, like The Beauty Shoppe, become part of the solution as we move into this new normal.

About our Speaker: Zach Ciccone

Zachary Ciccone is co-founder and head of growth at Beauty Shoppe, an award-winning workplace hospitality platform with locations in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Detroit. Zachary is an entrepreneur and product strategist who works at the confluence of human capital, design, operations, and technology.