Media News by Media Now Interactive, June 2024

Jun 26, 2024 | Guest Author, Marketing Excellence, Partnerships

AMA Pittsburgh is delighted to partner with Media Now Interactive, a division of DotDash Meredith, to provide a special six series installment of Media News by Media Now, bringing you the latest information, trends, and events related to all things media and marketing.

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Insulating Your Marketing Against the Political Election
by Media Now Interactive

This is going to be a record breaking year for political advertising. The tide is rolling in already. But what’s a brand to do if it wants to get its share of voice during a seemingly never-ending political cycle?

Media Now Interactive explores tactics and strategies for brands to stand-apart during the political cycle. There are channels brands can tap into now to stand apart before the inventory goes away, and alternative ways to make your brand stand out.

Media Strategy for Non-Political Advertising takes a look at key tactics for non-political advertisers with an eye to driving ROI ensuring your brand gets the attention it deserves

Tactics for Success Include:

  • Embracing OTT platforms
  • Diversifying across advertising channels
  • Crafting open architecture media strategies


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