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Momentum 2022

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Bridging the divides between marketing and event management


If you are a marketing or events management professional, active student, or recent graduate and are actively looking to grow your career, you’ve likely noticed a growing trend in the job descriptions that require candidates to have more skills and experiences outside of their chosen discipline. 

Momentum, a new program from AMA Pittsburgh, was designed to quickly (and affordably) give both marketers and events professionals relevant and practical skills in a meaningful and memorable cohort experience. Take what you learn (from experienced industry professionals and AMA members) in each workshop and apply it to your work the next day.

AMA Momentum has been Postponed

Thank you for your interest in AMA Momentum. This program has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later time. 


Creative Crossover

As technology and practice continue to evolve, so do the disciplines and industries behind them. The future professional is both a marketer and event manager and can flex between these two overlapping skill sets. To address this need for professionals with multiple skill sets, AMA Pittsburgh and Indiana University of Pennsylvania are collaborating to provide two unique concentration tracks each built for designers and marketers. 

The 4-part Event Management track bridges the divide between events and marketing. Intended for marketing students and professionals.

The 4-part Marketing track, intended for event managers, strengthens the core skills they bring to their work and enhances them by layering in foundational and advanced marketing concepts and practices. 



If you are a practicing marketer needing to develop your event management skills, this is the track for you. Apply your marketing skills to engaging event projects and literally show the world how talented you are.

    • Session 1 – Event Fundamentals
      • Hour One – The Event Plan
      • Hour Two – Developing the Event Site & Providing the Event Infrastructure
      • Hour Three – Accommodating the Audience
    • Session 2 – Crafting the Experience
      • Hour One – Coordinating the Environment & Vendor Procurement
      • Hour Two – Production – AV Essentials
      • Hour Three – Crafting the Experience & Making Event Memories
    • Session 3 – Event Operations
      • Hour One – Ancillary Programs & Off-Site Activities
      • Hour Two – Food & Beverage
      • Hour Three – Safe Operations
    • Session 4 – Practicum Experience
      • Hour One through Three – Practicum Experience


If you are a practicing designer needing to develop marketing skills, this is the track for you. Apply your design skills to the marketing context and level up your career.

Session 1: Marketing Fundamentals

  • Hour One: Fundamental Marketing Principles
  • Hour Two: Digital Advertising
  • Hour Three: Story and Content Marketing

Session 2: Digital Strategy 

  • Hour One: Brand Strategy
  • Hour Two: Content Strategy
  • Hour Three: Social Media Strategy + the National Institute for Social Media

Session 3: Data-Driven Practices and Principles

  • Hour One: Data Analytics
  • Hour Two: SEO SEM, PPC
  • Hour Three: Website Optimization and Content Management Systems

Session 4: Practicum Experience

  • 3-hour experience
  • The client will be announced in 2023! 
  • Program completion celebration event


Show off your success

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AMA Momentum badges are issued by AMA Pittsburgh and can be verified by employers to confirm your participation in the program. 


More instructors will be announced soon!

RJ Thompson

RJ Thompson

Story and Content Marketing

Robin Rectenwald

Robin Rectenwald

Public Relations Strategy

Carlos Tribino

Carlos Tribino

Brand Strategy

Carole Reinert

Carole Reinert

Content Strategy

Jen Radke

Jen Radke

Social Media Strategy

Marissa Doyle Luznar

Marissa Doyle Luznar

Marketing Foundations

Nicole Buse

Dr. Nicole Buse

Event Management Practicum

Becky Faris

Becky Faris

Event Management Practicum

Kristen Turner

Kristen Turner

Ancillary Programs & Off-Site Activities

Dwayne Waite

Dwayne Waite Jr.

Digital Advertising

Mackenzie Farone-Waite

Mackenzie Farone-Waite

Data Analytics

Megan Colf

Megan Colf

Accommodating the Audience

Dani Henderson

Dani Henderson

The Event Plan

Dani Henderson

RJ Huebert


Meesha Gerhart

Meesha Gerhart

Website Optimization and CMS

Brian O'Malley

Brian O'Malley

Safe Operations

 Sharon DeFelices

Sharon DeFelices

Food & Beverage

Lance Winston

Lance Winston

AV Essentials

Emily Bezak

Emily Bezak

Marketing Practicum

Emily Bezak

Jackie Gillespie

Developing the Event Site & Providing the Event Infrastructure

Jimmy Lohr

Jimmy Lohr

Coordinating the Environment & Vendor Procurement


Four short evening sessions

Both concentration tracks of the Momentum program run simultaneously and occur over four Wednesday evening sessions throughout February. Each session is three hours. All sessions occur via Zoom.







Momentum + AMA Membership


Momentum + Group AMA Membership



AMA and MPI Member Pricing

Momentum program cost for existing AMA members: $300

Existing AMA members will benefit from the membership discount. If you are not a member of the American Marketing Association, consider joining! Membership is currently at an all-time low of $150 annually. 

Non-Member Pricing

Regular Momentum program cost: $400

More info coming soon.

Momentum Program + Single Membership Pricing

Regular Momentum program cost: $550

More info coming soon.

Momentum + Group Rate Membership Discount

Discounted Momentum program cost: $300
Membership cost: $119
Total: $419

Purchase your program and membership at the same time and save on both with our group rates. 

Student Rate

For any student, undergraduate or graduate, regardless of membership: $150 


Scholarships are available for those who may have financial needs. Please apply HERE.

Want to complete both tracks?

Complete one track and get a discount to complete the second in the future.
E-Mail RJ Thompson, AMA Pittsburgh President-Elect for more information.

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